What does it mean to lead your chapter members?

It means that the chapter members are looking up to you for guidance and support. The members have an expectation that you will run the BNI program as defined by BNI as that is what they have paid a membership fee for.

The best fit for a Leadership Team member is someone who is in control of their own calendar. They will be a member in good standing in the Traffic Lights – Green or Yellow. They MUST be willing to communicate with the BNI Regional Support Team and receive support by way of coaching and guidance. Most importantly they will lead by example. This means adhering to the BNI polices, guidelines, Code of Ethics, and chapter standards.

Prior to taking on a role training, orientation and signing of agreements) is required for all Leadership Team roles. Most roles have a BNI Business Builder and BNI Online component.

The Selection Process


The Area Director or Director Consultant works with chapter VP and Membership Committee to best pick 3 members for the incoming Chapter President. The AD or DC will interview the 3 presidential candidates and with the help of the Executive Director will work to select the right person for the role.

The President’s role is to run the BNI structured agenda and keep the meeting running on time. The best presidents are engaging and have good energy.

Selection Committee (Current VP, MC &AD or DC)
• Review the process
• Review the Timeline
• Review the Training Dates
• Discuss potential candidates
• Take time to review responsibility using the checklist
• Schedule Committee Meetings

Note: This is not an Elected Position


Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Education Coordinator & Visitor Host Coordinator

The incoming President with AD or DC input will select the chapters next VP, S/T, Education Coordinator, and Visitor Host Coordinator.

The VP and Membership Committee are your chapters Human Resources Department. They ensure that the process is followed, and the expectations are conveyed to the incoming Vice President. Selection Committee (Incoming President &AD or DC)

The Vice President can not move to the Membership Committee after meeting the Vice President from the prior year.

The Secretary-Treasurer does not have to be an accountant. They manage the chapters cash flow (even while BNI is online). They also speak directly to the visitors each week to present the chapter application and membership fees as well as manage the speaker rotation.

The Education Coordinator can assign a different member to deliver the Education Moment each week. They must deliver BNI related material.

The Visitor Host Coordinator will choose their own Visitor Host Team.


Membership Committee

The incoming VP will select the Membership Committee

It is important that the incoming Vice President chooses their team. They will select the four MC chair positions. The Membership Committee’s role is to set and actively
maintain the BNI policies, Chapter standards and guidelines which includes the enforcement of the attendance policy. The VP and MC MUST maintain confidentiality regarding all member and chapter issues.

Best practice is a membership Committee that is a mix of older (veteran) and newer members.

NOTE: If you are wanting to add additional Membership Committee members this needs to be discussed first with your Director Consultant.

Recommendation is that chapters over 40 may add 1additional MC member for every 10 members over 40.

All membership committee members must go through training/orientation and sign agreements, or they CANNOT sit on the committee.


Mentor Coordinator

The incoming VP will select the Mentor Coordinator.

The Mentor Coordinator plays a vital role in the success and retention of new members. Their role is to facilitate the Passport Program and assign the 10 member mentors. They then work with the new members to ensure that the member mentors are booking one to one’s with them to fulfill the passport activities.


Visitor Host Team

The incoming Visitor Host Coordinator will select 4 Visitor Host team members.

It takes a team to run a chapter. The visitors that attend your meeting are the Most Important People at each meeting. The Visitor Hosts are vital to creating the best Visitor Experience. Good Visitor Hosts are engaging, full of helper genes and willing to make the visitors feel welcome. They are the first to arrive and last to leave a meeting – both in person and online.


Mentor Coordinator Team

The incoming Mentor Coordinator will select 10 member mentors.

New members to a chapter are vitally important. We work hard to invite each
week. Once a visitor decides to apply and is accepted, we want to make sure we are doing everything to help them create success and stay in the chapter. This is done through the proper use of the BNI Passport Program.

10 Member Mentors are defined in the Passport Program. They meet with the new members to do a One to One as described in the program. These members lead by example and are a good representation of a BNI member.


All leadership team rosters must be approved by chapters Area Director or Director Consultant and the Executive Director.

You Might Be Wondering…

What is required for the different roles?


Do I have to sign anything?

Absolutely. Every role has a required agreement, non-disclosure statement and/or expectation letter that must be signed and submitted prior to taking on the role.

What if I don’t want to take on a role?

Every chapter needs a team of chapter members to step up to the plate and take on a Leadership Team Role. BNI is not a spectator sport. It needs those that are willing to play. The payoff is increased visibility, trust and – in the end -referrals.

Is this a volunteer role?

These are not volunteer roles; these are leadership roles. They are very different.
Creating success in a chapter takes commitment, drive, motivation, and a willingness to succeed – and a positive and supportive attitude. This is true Givers Gain®.