Join for 1 year with 12 MONTHLY PAYMENTS

NOTE: By signing up for a payment plan, you agree to the requirements outlined below

▶$418.00 down, then $60/month for 11 months

11 automatic payments of $60/month

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  1. PayPal account required. You will either create a new account,or log into your existing one.
  2. No other monthly payment methods are available at this time.
  3. On your scheduled payment date,PayPal automatically deducts monies from your debit/credit card or PayPal account and deposits them into BNI South Central Indiana’s PayPal.
  4. If a Monthly Payment Fails (ex: expired debit/credit card, changes in bank accounts, or lack of funds):
  • PayPal automatically executes 3 payment attempts over10 calendar days.
  • Each time a transaction attempt fails, PayPal emails both the buyer (you) and the seller (BNI South Central Indiana).
  • If the 3rd and final payment attempt fails, PayPal cancels the payment plan.
  • Life happens. We understand. We will help you to re-subscribe to a replacement payment plan ONE TIME.

5. If your replacement payment plan also fails:

  • Maintaining your BNI membership will require a 12-month renewal at the current rate. Our Corporate office would then modify your membership so it renews 12 months after this payment.
  • If you choose to not pay for a 12-month renewal, your membership ends, the chapter loses all BNI Connect activity entered (TYFCB, 1- 2-1s, etc.), and zero membership credit will be issued.


  1. PayPal Credit offers flexible payment options. Credit approval required.If you wish to use PayPal’s line of credit, you MUST apply for it first:
  2. PayPal Credit application process is 100% your responsibility. No credit application guidance will be offered from BNI South Central Indiana. You must contact PayPal directly if you have questions about their services or credit line.
  3.  If approved for enough credit, your credit line can be selected to pay for BNI membership in full. If you’re approved for less than the full membership amount, we do NOT split payments.
  4. Our PayPal Credit policies can change at any time.

Rate Changes / Refund Policy

  1. Any future membership rate changes will require payment plan updates. Members are always notified in advance of any rate changes. Re-subscription to new payment plan will be needed.
  2. Per BNI Policy, once membership has been approved by Chapter, refunds are not issued under any circumstances.